Frequently Asked Questions

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‣ How do I cancel or manage my subscription?

You can easily manage or cancel your Sunlitt PRO subscription anytime in your App Store account settings, following this guide.

Alternatively, you can manage your Sunlitt PRO subscription via the Sunlitt App, via Settings > Sunlitt PRO > Manage Subscription

‣ How do I request a Refund?

To claim a refund for Sunlitt PRO, you have two options. Either use Sunlitt's own App or the App Store:

• Using Sunlitt: Navigate to Settings > Sunlitt PRO> Refund
• Through the App Store: Login to your Apple ID here, then follow the instructions.

Compass & Location

‣ Why is my compass inaccurate?

Device compass accuracy on your device could be affected by local magnetic interferences. Make sure to keep a distance from other magnetic sources (like other electronic devices or appliances) and examine your device case for magnetic presence.

‣ Why is the inaccurate compass alert always showing?

The inaccurate compass alert activates automatically when the iOS/ipadOS compass is not properly calibrated.

We display this alert to inform you of potential inaccuracies, which can also be influenced by external environmental factors in certain areas.

Try to follow our in-app suggestions, and, if the problem persists, check out this Youtube video.

‣ Why is my location not precise?

External conditions can impact the accuracy of your location.

Make sure to switch on the “Accurate Location” toggle via this path: Device Settings > Sunlitt > Location > Accurate Location

‣ Why is a building not visible on the map?

Sunlitt uses map data from Mapbox, which updates as it becomes available rather than on a set schedule.

While it's not possible to update the data directly, we will report any issues to Mapbox. Sunlitt will automatically receive updates from Mapbox.

For more information on contributing to Mapbox go to: Settings > General > Mapbox.


Does Sunlitt collect my data?

Sunlitt only collects anonymous data that cannot be traced back to any specific individual.
You can opt out of anonymous data collection anytime by accessing your Device Settings > Sunlitt > Analytics.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy here.

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