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What is Sunlitt?

Sunlitt is an app that tracks the sun’s position and movements anywhere and at any time, all in a delightful and human-centered interface.

With Sunlitt, sun tracking is made quick, easy, and fun.

Along with the Sun Path, Sunlitt provides precise timings for several key solar events, such as golden and blue hours, sunrise and sunset, first and last light, twilights, and much more.

Sun data in Sunlitt is computed locally and most features are accessible offline, respecting the user’s privacy and ensuring they are always aware of the sun's journey in the sky, even in the most remote locations.

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Who is Sunlitt for?

Sunlitt is an app designed to serve a diverse user base, and people all around the globe are using it in the most unexpected and creatives ways, including:

Photographers and Cinematographers planning shoots with precision.

House Seekers, Architects and Real Estate Agents discovering the sun exposition of a property.

Beekeepers placing their hives in optimal sunlight/shadow exposure.

Drivers parking their car, ensuring it is shaded upon their return.

Plant Parents and Gardeners estimating plants' Sun Exposure.

Lovers finding the most romantic spot to enjoy a beautiful sunset together.

Hikers planning their path safely.

Campers pitching their tent in optimal spot for shade.

→ Placing Solar Panels.

→ And much more

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Platform & Availability

Sunlitt is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro.

iOS/iPadOS 16.4 and above

watchOS 10.0 and above

visionOS 1.0 and above

Sunlitt is available in all the Apple App Store supported countries and it is localised in over 12 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, and more.


Users can access most of Sunlitt's features for free, without any charge or ads.

Purchase for additional perks can be made through a lifetime-unlock or auto-renewable subscription to Sunlitt PRO.

Pricing (in USD):

Monthly – $3.99

Yearly – $19.99

Lifetime – $129.99

Sunlitt PRO features include:

• Date Slider and Picker
• Morning and Evening Twilights Timing
• Solar Altitude and Azimuth information
• Weather Forecast
• Favorite Locations
• Notifications for all Solar Events
• Live Activities
• Additional Lock & Home Screen Widgets
• Additional Map Style
• Family Sharing Support

Product Ideation

Sunlitt was born to address a real-world need: finding a bright and sunny place to live in. It was a need the Team experienced as students of the Apple Developer Academy in Naples (Italy), a city with very narrow streets that make sunlight a rare find in apartments.

The team aimed to empower people with precise and easily accessible sun data through a delightful, beautiful, and intuitive user experience.

From day one to today, the team has been amazed by the diverse ways people are using Sunlitt and how the sun truly elevates human life on Earth.

This drives them to keep striving to create the best sun-tracking tool available.

The Team

The team first met at the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy, in 2022, where the vision for Sunlitt was shaped.

Sunlitt is developed by Nicolas Mariniello (Lead Developer), Raffaele Fulgente (Designer), Fabio Pizzano (Designer), Clelia Iovine (PR & Business Developer), Leonardo Bertinelli (Developer), Davide Biancardi (Developer).

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Last Update: May 10th, 2024